Shower Seat Buying Guide

As individuals become older, the bathroom becomes the most hazardous area of the house. The sleek tubs and tile floors become slippery, raising the possibility of a dangerous fall, particularly for weak or disabled seniors.

In particular, the shower presents a problem, since more than 2/3 of the injuries experienced by seniors in the bathroom occur in the bathtub or near it.

One method of avoiding these destructive issues is using a shower chair. As per its name, this is a chair that seniors sit in as they shower. It is particularly created to fit in a tub and offer a surface that is steady and non-slippery, where the old can relax on.

It is not simple to select a shower chair. There is a range of them present in the market and each has varied features as well as selling points. It is vital to consider all these different factors prior to selecting the appropriate shower for you.


Take Measurements of Your Tub

Sadly, bathtubs do not have a universal size standard; therefore, it is vital to take your tub’s measurements to ensure the shower chair is going to fit inside. Also think of the bathroom’s general size and whether your shower has a door or not.

A chair, which is too large, that is set up in a small bathroom will possibly be more harmful. A lot of chairs consist of adjustable legs; however, many times the base seat cannot be adjusted. It is vital therefore, to establish whether its width is too much or not. Adhere to this guide to find out the precise size of your tub.


Consider Your Requirements

The concept of a shower chair is simple enough; however, its actual use can vary. A number of people utilize these chairs for aqua therapy, so it is not necessary for them to purchase another device.

In addition, for the ones that have irreversible or degenerative physical damage, it can be very useful to have shower transfer benches. Lastly, think of the number of individuals using the tub. In case other people apart from the senior are using the bathroom, it is very helpful to have a foldable shower, since it can be extracted and stored away when need be.


Choose Your Style

Selecting a shower chair should not just be about necessity. As the market is very big, there is also room for personal preference. Normally, shower chairs are present in plastic or teak since these are long lasting materials that will sustain well when in contact with water.

Some chairs present other features like a splash-guard to maintain flow of urine inside the toilet, head support offering horizontal side head comfort as well as armrests for resting and keeping balance. It depends on your preference.


Establish your weight/height

Not each shower chair is meant for all users. A lot have restrictions of weight or height; therefore, it is vital to get one that is suitable for you. The regular chair has a mass of 250 to 300 pounds and this should be enough for majority of users.

But, specialized bariatric chairs exist which are able to support a mass of even 500 pounds for huger users. Where weight is concerned, it is possible to raise most seats up or down to offer ideal positioning. To establish a precise fit, you might require taking your measurements then contrasting them to the chair’s measurements.