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6 Foods That Makes Your Stomach Flat

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Are you fed up with trying to figure out what foods will help you to lose weight? Here’s a list of foods that you will find useful. These weight loss foods are terrific for helping you shed fat.

The food you should eat to stay fit

Red Chilies – These contain capsaicin, and this is the substance that makes the pepper fruits spicy. Also, eat red chili for it has been known to cure digestion.

Beans – Considered to be one of the most fantastic of the flat belly foods, beans are a helpful addition to your diet plan. Try to ensure that you eat plain beans without sugary sauces. Beans help to clean out your intestinal tract and help you remove waste products.

Proteins – Proteins like turkey aid your digestive tract eliminate waste products as well as reducing the fat in your abdominal area. Protein also helps to release the fatty acids your body has stored in your bloodstream.

Sugar Substitutes – When you want to sweeten food, consider using sugar substitutes rather than normal sugar because the substitutes are known to allow your body to consume more carbs than normal. There are sugar substitutes such as Splenda, Sweet & Low and Xylitol.

Citrus Berries – Citrus fruits and berries contain a substance known as anthocyanin, which provides food intolerance to certain bacteria, like Candida albicans. Quite a few undiagnosed lactose disorders may be triggered by the consumption of this substance.

Olive Oil – Obesity is one of the major causes of Stay Away from Diseases, which is a condition affecting the large intestine, which allows messages to be sent to the brain for the body to stop releasing an excessive amount of fatty acids into your intestinal tract.

In addition to these Top 6 Foods that make you stomach flat, you should also try to combine these foods with the Low Glycemic Index diet plan (Tacolic’s).

  • Olive oil
  • Soy Products
  • Beans (Navy, White Kidney beans)
  • Protein Foods (Fish, Lean Chicken, Fish Protein and Lean Beef)
  • Carbohydrates – Brown Rice, Whole Wheat, Whole Grain Bread
  • Citrus Fruits and Berries

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