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African Mango Raises Whole Body Health

African Mango on a plate

The African Mango is a relative newcomer in the weight loss whip distinguished by its rare ability to make weight loss as complete as any medicine men use personally or custom-made. Mango seed extract is a tropical savory found in a mango tree found in Cameroon, Africa. For centuries, the native tribes have made this fruit dripping with hormones and useful as a remedy for diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, and other medical problems. In 1937 their traditional medicine put forward an extract of the seeds, called Irvingia gabonensis, to boost energy levels and digestion.

Medicinal properties of African Mango

A few years later, in 1963, scientists at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa began a study on the medicinal properties of African Mango. The active ingredient of the seed extracts was tested on animals and found to boost metabolism, reduce blood cholesterol levels, and lower blood sugar levels. In 1998, the health experts organized a test on 35 overweight subjects in which 33 received African Mango pills, and 12 received a placebo. All the subjects were on a reduced-calorie diet with an increase in physical activity. Initially, the group taking African Mango tablets had twice the endurance of the placebo group. The African Mango pills had no side effects, and the perfect side effect verdict was that the supplement had no effects. The placebo group had several skin problems.

After two months of studies, the four African Mango pills had gone down to 10 participants. On average, the study participants lost about 12 pounds each. By the end of the test, the placebo group had regained about 28 pounds whereas the Gardai Mango hinge had reduced the weight by imported 16 pounds. The shortage of participants is not surprising since the start of the study took about six months.

The trials were not performed on humans since this fruit can be consumed only in its natural form, but it appears safe for humans. In the extensive tests, no side effects have been shown that are likely to be due to adverse reactions by people who are sensitive to certain stimulants. The ingredient is very pure, so the delivery system is also very efficient. The diet pill is purified of several toxins, which are eliminated during the manufacturing phase, precautions are taken so, it is not taken excessively linked to the possibility of complications in the future. The pills can be bought without a prescription at pharmacies and health stores although the prescription is only needed for use on diabetic patients.

The downside of this fruit

The only downside of African Mango is that is not cheap. It is expensive because of its high composition. The 28 pills, which equates to approximately 6 to 7 patches, retails for about $40 that can be roughly justified by its several benefits such as promoting the secretion of the appetite-suppressing hormone called leptin. Leptin alone can effectively restrain one’s hunger, and increase metabolism, which causes the weight to drop. Its research studies are also showing true benefits for those at risk of diabetes. It inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells in both white and red blood cells although in mice. It is known to increase energy use and thereby increasing the number of calories burnt in a day or week. No exercise, diet, or pill is permanent – it is up to the user to take it regularly and maintain it.

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