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HIIT Training Workouts

HIIT Training Workout

What are HIIT training routines? HIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a realistic approach to training. Rather than working a specific zone for maximum output or endurance (like walking at a set of gravity), you put yourself (and your high-intensity workouts) through a variable exertion level to aim for your heart rate. In a traditional workout, you would simply exercise hard for around 5-7 minutes, rest for another minute or so, then turn up the intensity and do it again. After this, you would try to exercise for around 10-12 minutes at this max.

HIIT training routines go on to increase the time you spend doing the more intense workouts. This creates the so-called ‘afterburn effect’, where you continue to burn calories not only after you have finished your training but for up to 18 hours after you’ve finished – Wow! This means that this is a better method of attack for people looking to lose weight fast!

The key is in exercises

The key to having an effective HIIT program is to choose the right types of exercises. The main reason for this is that you can burn more calories per minute doing an exercise that uses more muscle mass. Forcing the body to use more muscle mass will use more calories, and when you use an extra muscle it will make your body look lean and toned because you will burn more calories in a day and will use up more fat stores in the process.

If you are a female using this routine, keep in mind that the body has a hard time compared to men in terms of losing fat. So you will not be able to get the body of a female using HIIT training alone! You need to add in a weight training routine coupled with cardio as well. HIIT training combined with a good weight training routine will ensure that you can lose weight fast.

Let’s talk about some very easy workouts you can do at home using just a bench, an exercise ball and your body weight. These are exercises you can perform even in front of the TV, which is a great cardio tool that works out your entire body. To flatten your stomach, you will only need a low weight bench, a cardio ball, and good instruction from a skilled instructor.

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