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It’s Only One Workout

man on a work out

Working out is concentrate, but it’s so much more than that. It’s your feeling of trumpet and hats dropping, blowing out of the water as the world ends. It’s the excitement of getting to eat your favorite foods while watching your favorite tv show. It’s feeling confident in going to the beach while being the envy of your friends. It’s getting dressed up (even if only for a once) and going to the restaurant with your girlfriends. Studies show that working out even for just 10 minutes a day will change your life. Working out for 15 to 20 minutes will cause you to lose weight, and working out for 30 minutes will cause you to burn more fat.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to work out

  1. Burn calories while you sleep: Ever get a sad relaxation? Look at the timesheet and try and find the difference between the “full” you and the one you’re feeling? You know when you’re tired, and the body doesn’t need your glucose or your energy, so it takes a load to provide them. The body also uses all the glucose in your blood, and then once they’re gone it takes a load from your body fat. Therefore, it’s like you are using up energy and taking a load from your body fat. This will build your energy, and your body will stay healthy.
  2. A healthy diet can keep you from unnecessary weight gain: Diet can be a major factor in weight gain. There is a problem with only counting calories and not watching the kind of food you eat such as carbs. It’s what kind of fat, the amount of sugar and carbs you get. If you start eating low fat and less sugar you’ll have less weight gain. Teen diet is very important; one should avoid fad diets, celebrity diets as it will make your teen even more overweight, because of the hormonal changes caused by the teen years.
  3. Cardio exercise is magical: A multivitamin on top of cardio exercise, a healthy body will have more energy, a multivitamin with antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene), that is a big portion of the good things that happen in the body during exercise.
  4. Get a good sleep: Weight will never be lighter than this. A night of good sleep is vital if you want to lose weight. Excess fat is created when there is a shortage of sleep (sometimes due to storm or whatever) because that is when the body tries to protect itself from a sudden unexpected flood of energy, which the body in a way interprets into starch.
  5. Take a walk: Even a 1/2 hour walk could help you shed 2-3 pounds in a month. Walking is simple and easy, it doesn’t have any harmful effects. Taking a 30min walk in your beloved place isn’t as easy as taking an elevator or asking for a lift.

A good diet and workout are the key to a healthy body, even if it’s just a simple walk, so don’t hesitate to use your good Cause to walk at least 30min/ day.


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