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Women and Metabolism

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You often hear women complaining about their weight, especially that extra fat over their thighs or stomach.

Two camps regarding women and metabolism

The first group says a women’s metabolic rate is slow, and she will store more calories than a man. They also claim that a woman’s body doesn’t use the calories that a man does in the same amount of time.

A second group points out many women are genetically predisposed to have low levels of thyroid hormones and very high levels of the hormone cortisol. While they believe that since many women are prone to hold onto more fat than men, a high level of stress hormone cortisol also interferes with the metabolism doing the job of turning the fat into energy.

Interestingly, both groups point out things that are the same – metabolism in women is supposed to be slower than that in men.

What is metabolism? 

It is the process by which food is turned into energy. To achieve this process, your body has to burn calories. As we all know it can be tricky for women to gain weight (in the torso), and the butt and thigh area is often the area of concern for women.

What usually happens is women who ISY Boosting their metabolism and showing their abdominal muscles in the Pilates room, while ignoring the body fat in this area. 

I was genetically 6 pounds overweight in my family, yes, I have “this” body, and they were smaller than mine. After having a c-section my tummy was already flat! I wasn’t lifting weights at all because it felt too hard to build muscle in any direction.

Losing stubborn weight in the butt and thighs has been the number one goal of women (and men) for years.

The solution? 

Simply take a good supplement, progressing through a Metabolism Buster routine or a good program that can help you build muscle tone while losing fat with proper nutrition.

A person needs a little testosterone to build muscle and even slight body shape. The butt and thigh area is the perfect area to add muscle, and that is what the Pilates routine is all about.

The word “toning” doesn’t necessarily equate to being “bulky.” When you step on a scale don’t worry about the number. The number on the scale is ridiculous and only has significance for how you look. If you can’t see your toes then you don’t have well-defined muscle tone. The goal is to create strength in the muscle and burn fat in the area.

An example of how this happens along with why the Pilates routine is an option for women is a person who wants to lose weight typically. Depending on your body type, body type, desired weight loss, and the method of weight loss to be used can vary greatly. Exercise is the most effective way to burn fat and create muscle tone.

Diet also plays a big role in weight loss

Another challenge is the fact that the muscles in these areas are often difficult to target directly. Although you may not be wanting to establish all that definition, this is exactly what Pilates does. Using specially designed Pilates DVDs you will target the key areas.

As discussed you may not want to do Pilates if you are already overweight. Doing a weight loss exercise program with the use of supplements or exercise equipment is a great way to build muscle tone while losing body fat that is already there.

If you already have somebody fat but want to create the energy you should look to Pilates as another option and if you have a lot of weight to lose (even a lot more than your ideal weight) will use cross trainers as the second step.

It goes without saying that unless you are very overweight or have some other problem you should not use these quick-fix solutions.

For those with a “gut” or “obesity” problem, a weight loss exercise routine including Pilates alongside weight lifting may be required and even in severe cases some other form of sooner 800 slowly working on the problem.

I did not write this article in the hope that I would be useful to people that are trying to lose weight. At present, the Pilates options are taking off in popularity in spas and are said to help tone muscles and add flexibility. What I did write was an introduction to Pilates, and what types of Pilates could be right for what you want to aim for.

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